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Book Buddy Express Vending

Book Buddy Express Vending Machine
Book Buddy Express Vending Machine

Book Buddy Vending Machine LLC is dedicated to promoting literacy and a love for reading among students by providing book vending machines for schools. These machines not only reward students for good behavior with the opportunity to choose and take home a book of their choice using tokens they've earned, but also offer a "Sensational 7" author program featuring local authors in the Savannah area who visit schools for readings and discussions. With a focus on encouraging reading and supporting local authors, Book Buddy Vending Machine LLC aims to foster a lifelong passion for books and learning in It's easy.



Book Buddy Express vending machine
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Choose from 4 designs

    All 4 machines are the same size and come with 100 gold tokens

   1. "Reach for the Stars" Machine- comes with wheels and lights (LED                    flashing lights)

   2. "Go Green" machine- no wheels, no lights

   3. "Giraffe" Machine- no wheels, no lights

   4. Customized Machine with School logo or other design. Can also                   choose wheels and lights.  Pricing will vary depending on choices.

       Please allow extra time for customized machines. 

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Book Buddy express Vending Machine is an innovative way to promote literacy and good behavior among children. By rewarding them with books to keep for their positive actions, it instills in them a love for reading and learning. This not only benefits the individual child but also has a ripple effect on society as a whole.

With each child taking one step at a time towards a brighter future, the world is gradually being changed for the better. The Book Buddy express vending machine is just one example of how small actions can make a big impact. By investing in our children and in their education, we are investing in a better world for all.

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