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Book Buddy Vending Machine LLC is dedicated to promoting literacy and a love for reading among students by providing book vending machines for schools. These machines not only reward students for good behavior with the opportunity to choose and take home a book of their choice using tokens they've earned, but also offer a sensational 7 author program featuring local authors in the Savannah area who visit schools for readings and discussions. With a focus on encouraging reading and supporting local authors, Book Buddy Vending Machine LLC aims to foster a

lifelong passion for books and learning in students.

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10_year_girl_reading_a_book_dr (4).jpeg


Our mission at Book Buddy Express Vending LLC is to help children get excited about reading by rewarding good behavior with a book. We aim to make reading accessible, fun, and rewarding for every child,

one book at a time. 

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We envision a world where every child has the chance to escape into the pages of a book, to discover new worlds and possibilities, and to unlock their true potential through the power of literacy. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of children and help them to realize their dreams through the gift of reading. 

10_year_boy_reading_a_book_dre (4).jpeg
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