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The Sensational 7- Local children's book authors' group

Updated: Mar 26

Book Buddy Express has banded together a group of local and regional children's authors. Together we hope to bring the joy of reading and writing to schools in Chatham County and surrounding areas. This program called "Book Buddy Authors" where the authors participate in school visits, library programs, and other events to engage with young readers and inspire a love of reading.

The authors each bring their own unique perspective and experiences to the program, sharing their stories and insights with children of all ages. From picture books to middle grade novels, the authors cover a wide range of genres and topics, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The program also aims to promote literacy, creativity, and a passion for reading among young audiences.

Overall, the Book Buddy Author Visits program is a wonderful opportunity for children to connect with local and regional authors, fostering a love of reading and inspiring the next generation of storytellers.

Below is a sample of some of the books that will be represented from the local authors.

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